The First Snow Storm in Riverside.

In January, 1882, Riverside had an unusual experience—her first and only real snow storm. The 11th had been a beautiful day, but the mercury dropped to 26 degrees during the night following. Toward morning it became overcast and the temperature moderated.

Finally, at daybreak, the snow began falling, and increasing, fell steadily all day and into the night, and when morning came there was a layer of the white covering fully eight inches in depth.

For a while during the storm the orchardists had vainly tried to shake off the snow from the trees, heavy already with fruit, but finally gave up the work as hopeless, and many trees split down with the burden.

Strangely enough the presence of the body of damp snow held the temperature steadily at 32 degrees and little fruit was injured. Impromptu sleighs were rigged up, and a few took advantage of the rare conditions to enjoy a sleigh ride. The snow, when melted, showed an equivalent of 1.40 inches rainfall.

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