Mother Orange Goes Into Hiding


The Riverside Parent Navel Orange Tree, responsible for Riverside thriving the way it has for over 100 years. Unfortunately you won’t see it anytime soon.

To stop the tree from getting citrus greening disease (for which there is no known cure) the city has come up with an ugly solution, Hide it.


My five kids and I infront of mother orange


My daughter Lilah and I, with Ben checking out the trees


3 of my favorite kids checking out all the enclosed trees


Under the unkept foliage is a plaque honoring Eliza

The Press Enterprise reported that
Georgios Vidalakis (a professor and director of the citrus protection program at UCR) wants a
more attractive structure to be built around the tree to protect it while also allowing the public to see the tree. He pictures a wood or metal structure, with glass along with screening that blocks the citrus psyllid but allows the tree to breathe and photosynthesize

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