Riverside Time Capsules

How many time capsules do we have in #Riverside?
Comment below for the ones that I have left out.

-Fairmount Park Time Capsule buried in 1998 to be opened in 2048

-Gallery at Tyler Mall #TimeCapsule buried in 1970 by the Broadway store to opened in 2070

#ILoveRiverside #OnceUponAtimeInRiverside

One thought on “Riverside Time Capsules

  1. In 2011 the city of Perris, California buried a time capsule celebrating their 100 years as a city. As the Southern California Edison (SCE) Manager having that territory, I put an SCE pen and my business card in it. It was an exciting morning and celebration, hosted by the late Mayor, Daryl Busch (RIP).

    Ray Hicks



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